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Residing In: Attleboro, MA USA
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Occupation: Retired School Teacher - Entertainer
Children: Tammy born 1974 - Grandson Josh born 2005
Missy born 1976 - Grandson Caden born 2014

Hello Fellow 1965 Graduates!
Well, it’s happened – we are 50 years older. Who would have believed that we would pay $1.50 for WATER or $1.00. for AIR to fill our tires (two items that were free in 1965) in our waning years??

I hope the following isn’t too much information!  I graduated from Cape Cod Community College with an Associate in Arts Degree in 1968. Then, I worked for the 7 Up Bottling Company – 1968-9 and Friendy’s Ice Cream Company – 1969-70. I married Jane Brown, a 1969 Graduate of Needham High, in 1970. I received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in 1972 from Framingham State College. I Taught 3rd grade in Rehoboth, MA from 1972 – 2005. During that time I earned a masters degree in Creative Arts in Education from Lesley College. From 1960 -2006 I continued doing magic shows for children. I’ve been entertaining adults at Libraries and Senior Centers with a “Downsizing Your STUFF” program since 2006.
I never did grow up! Some of you may remember that Don Ward and I gave out free lollipops on Fridays during our Senior Year. We had many of our friends and classmates meet us at the door for their free pop. We continued our antics during college! Don and I created a stuffed animal called the Glump and sold almost 300 as well as “adjustable belly button muffs. I made my living clowning around both during my shows and in the classroom. What can I say? I’ve always enjoyed a laugh.
Jane and I just celebrated our 45th anniversary. We’ve lived in Attleboro for the past 43 years. We have two daughters – Tammy 1974 and Melissa 1976 and two grandsons – Josh 2005 and Caden 2014.
I’ve enjoyed my retired years more than any other stage in my life. I’ve enjoyed spending time with family and friends, especially my grandsons. I’ve been involved with many Historical groups but the Hornbine School (a one room school house museum in Rehoboth, MA) is my favorite.
For those of you who are still reading this “ramble”, I feel we are the lucky ones. We have survived the past fifty years. I trust you have had a good fifty years and I wish you all the best for the future. 

School Story:

School memories
I moved into Needham at the beginning of 8th grade.
In 8th grade, at Pollard Junior High, every boy had to make a “pump lamp” in shop. How many of you guys still have yours? I was way behind on my project at the end of the year so I brought my pump lamp home and shellacked it with my father’s old shellac. The shellac never did dry and dust collected on it. So, I have a “Fuzzy Lamp”!
In 9th grade, Mr. Brock would give his Algebra tests on Fridays. He soon realized that the classes after lunch were getting much better grades than the morning classes. So one Friday, he gave a different test to the afternoon classes and several afternoon class students got a zero. They had just copied down the answers, during lunch, given to them by their friends who took the morning test! They never looked at the test questions in front of them! 
I had a hard time writing (still do) and hated the term papers we were required to finish. I would work very hard to finish the assignment which had to be at least 2,000 words long. I had two classmates during my sophomore year who thought they’d save some time. One wrote 1,000 words and then wrote, “If you want the other 1,000 words, you can read this over a second time!” Another student wrote a 1,000 words and then added a picture! (We all know a picture is worth a 1,000 words!) They both failed!
I was involved with the arrangements for the sophomore prom. We had very dedicated committee members who built the side of a shack; a foot bridge which arched over running water; and a fountain as well as many other things. We were very far behind schedule as the date for the dance approached. So, each afternoon, we hid a student in the Art room until after the class advisor left to go home. When the coast was clear, the student would let us back into the locked building and we’d keep working. Finally the janitor put an end to that. We were still plugging leaks in the fountain hours before the prom.
I had Mr. Eastman for Earth Science in my junior year. He was retired from the service and was relatively strict. He was a “sequential” – everything had to be just so. After graduation, in the late 60’s, I heard he had disappeared off of Cape Cod. They found his empty boat afloat but he wasn’t in it. I always found it hard to believe that he would fall out of his boat. I’ve always wondered what happened to him.
One memory (I have many) from our senior year sticks out in my mind. I was a member of the Centennial Committee. Somehow, Joe Guccione and I volunteered to help the Needham Historical Society. We helped to place historic markers on old houses around town. There was an old member who lived in a house on Nehoiden Street who was in charge of the operation. His yard was full of stuff. Although it seemed like junk to me at the time, I bet there were some real historical gems in and around his home. He’d be called a Historic Hoarder today! I remember him telling Joe and I where to nail the historic marker while he was standing out in the middle of a very busy and dangerous intersection on Central Ave. Joe and I were more concerned for his safety than attending to the job at hand.
And we all remember the songs that were popular during our high school years! I’ve enjoyed looking at my year book after all these years. I hope to meet some of you at the high school tour.

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Happy Birthday Dave !

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Hey, Do a hand stand!! NOW!

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Happy Birthday Trish. :-)

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Happy Birthday Trish! :-)

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Happy birthday Tish!!! :-)

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Hello and Happy Birthday Tish! Time really goes by quickly - doesn't it! Say hi to your cousin and your sister for me. Your niece must be in her late fifties by now! :-) Dave

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I met Joe in Junior High School. We had several classes together during our high school years.

I had a Vespa motor scooter and was able to travel across town to visit Joe. Often, he’d ride places with me. One day when I stopped at a stop sign, Joe stood to pull his pants up. I drove out from under him – not knowing that he’d stood up!

Joe, Don Ward, Dave Sundberg and I joined DeMolay. Joe continued through the chairs and eventually became the Grand Master.

In English, Mr. Harrington would have us read a book a month for a long term assignment. We’d take a test on each book at the end of the month. During the night before our test, Joe and I would each read a separate chapter in the assigned book. Then, we’d phone each other and exchange information about our chapters. We’d repeat the process until we finished the book. Although we made a good team, we’d never receive a 100% on our tests. Each of us would always forget to tell the other some detail contained in our chapters.

Like all of us, Joe was expected to do work around the house. It always seemed to me that Joe, at the insistence of his dad, would have to mow the lawn every four days or so. No golf course had grass to compare with the Guccione’s lawn!

Joe’s dad bought a reel to reel tape recorder that Joe and the rest of us had a lot of fun with in our college days. Don Ward showed us his improv abilities and had Joe and the rest of us in stitches.

After graduation, Joe and I kept in touch for several years. We both worked as 7up delivery salesmen for a while.

As the years passed, I lost touch with Joe, his family and the rest of my high school friends. It was just about eight years ago that we renewed our friendship.

When I visited with Joe and his wife, Leslie, Joe mentioned his swallowing difficulty. As the months passed, it became apparent that Joe had ALS.

Joe, Don and I were able to visit Needham, Newport and Plymouth before Joe’s illness put an end to our excursions. Although it became more difficult for Joe to have visitors, both Leslie, his wife, and Joe were always upbeat and positive. Don and I always enjoyed our visits with Joe.

 For two years, Joe bravely and quietly fought his disease.  During that time I never heard him complain!

I’m thankful that Don and I had the opportunity to renew our friendship with Joe and have some more good times with him. So long as we live, he too will live in our memories.

Dave Downs 

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Dave & Josh 8/15
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Hey Steve,
Do you remember the day you and I were working under the back of your (39?) chevy? We had jacked it up with two jacks on the back bumper. While we were working, the car started to fall to the side! We were just able to keep the car from coming down (on us!!!). I never worked under a car after that with out using blocks as a back up incase the car came down from the jack.
I remember your family had two chevy (convertables?) that were bought during the same year.(61?) :-) I just wanted to say hi.

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Smugglers' Moon
30X36 oil
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Hello Leslie, Thank you for your comments. Do you have an antique store? If so, where? I used to love going through old stuff but now I'm making a real effort to get rid of things!

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Hello Sandy, I saw you during one of the High School tours recently. I'm going to follow your lead and bring my yearbook this time. Well, I just wanted to say hi.

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Dave & Josh 8/15