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01/17/20 09:36 AM #137    

Linda Gudas (Sayler)


Remember waking up on snowy school mornings, hoping Don Kent would announce "No school in Needham?"  And listening for the fire alarm to blare rhythmically- beginning sometime before dawn- to confirm we could stay in bed?  Later, the neighborhood kids and I would bundle up and make a snowman (now, politically correct, a snowperson.) The day after a storm, I recall walking home from Stephen Palmer with my girlfriends, petrified that "the boys" would suddenly appear from behind a tree or snow fort, with snowballs hurling. (In retrospect, that was a bit of prepubertal flirting.)  My parents warned me to never look up at a hanging icicle. Oh, and DO NOT eat yellow snow....

Yes, New England winters are compelling.  We have lived full time on the Cape for 6 years now.  There is something exquisitely beautiful and peaceful about the ocean this time of year - frost-tipped beaches, icy white capped waves, birds huddled together in same-species conventions on the bay.

However, we have succumbed to a few weeks in warm weather come mid-winter.  We will never be snowbirds, but a break is nice.  Sunny golf courses and heated swimming pools have a strong graitational pull when the wind chill factor here is 10 degrees.

I will think of you from the south in February, as I walk the beach barefoot, looking for seaglass.  Wishing you a bunch of no -school snow days....




01/18/20 08:15 AM #138    


Charles Charlton

Your postings really bring back memories. Snow days were the best. Building snow forts with seemingly daily snow ball fights. I have often thought that we had more snow in the mid to late 50's In NE than they have today. No proof - just a feeling. I remember on no school days getting up early to help my father shovel out the car so he could go to work. However walking to school on the road because the side walks were snow covered are not great memories. I will always fondly remember no school snow days because they were fun. Nancy and I have lived in FL for the past 21 years so snow and winter weather are and will remain distant memories for us.

01/20/20 04:01 PM #139    


Jeffrey Feeley

I don't believe any of Kevin's musings are contemporary. No one has that good a memory!

I beleive he kept a very unmanly diary and periodically riffs through it, selects a passage and sends it out to his legion of followers to make us all feel like we have early, or maybe mid, stage dementia! 

There, Kev. You've been exxposed! Fess up!



I've been blessed/cursed to receive Kevin's "musings' for 10 or more years. He really does have a superior writing talent.

01/21/20 01:00 PM #140    

Richard d'Entremont

Kevin is our Charles Kuralt. On the memory road with Kevin

01/22/20 11:40 AM #141    

Gunnard Johnston

Winter.   Snow days. A great money-making opportunity!    Back when I was around nine and ten years old,  I loved the chance to go and shovel snow to make a few bucks in the neighborhood.    
Then, there was the ice!   Always looked forward to winter for the freezing of Rosemary Lake, the Reservoir and any places where skating could be done.   Having learned to skate on the Charles River down by the border with Newton Upper Falls, I was hooked on hockey and eagerly awaited for the frozen waterways around town.
Now, as to Tracey's memory trove, I think Feeley may have nailed it:   Kevin has been keeping secret journal so he can pull out pages when the mood strikes.


09/26/21 02:20 PM #142    

Class Administrator

I am sad to report the death of Walter Kochanek.  RIP.

Thank you to Les McKechnie for letting us know.

09/27/21 09:26 PM #143    

Sandra Hartshorn (Hicks '68)

So very sad to hear that Mr. KOchanek has passed. He was a favorite for sure, I was able to get to know him better quite a few years ago at McDonald's for coffee and conversation. He will be missed.

11/13/21 04:49 PM #144    


Kevin Tracey

When I was a boy I loved November. 
My birthday fell in November, presents, chocolate cake with butter cream frosting
November, ice forming on the ponds, hockey on the horizon. 
November, Thanksgiving with the Needham-Wellesley game followed by the best dinner of the year. 
November, the Bruins and Celtics games on the radio
November, the Sears Christmas Catalogue to pour over. 
November, when I got my drivers license
November, listening to Lenny Welch on the radio before my first real date
November, raking and burning the last of the fallen leaves. 
November, I loved as a boy

11/14/21 12:32 PM #145    

Gary Campagna

Kevin, Well said!





11/14/21 01:03 PM #146    


Carolyn Campbell (Kay)


Thanks for the Needham memories. I got to visit Needham and see the house I grew up in the September. We were all lucky to grow up in Needham weren't we.



11/14/21 01:21 PM #147    


David Drake

Hi Kevin,

I always enjoy reading your well written messages!

I hope you have a Happy Birthday and a Happy Thanksgiving later during this month of November!


11/14/21 03:44 PM #148    

Deborah Davis (Sturgis)


Thank you for the memories.. For many years, my extended  family gathered  for Thanksgiving after freezing at the Needham vs Wellesley football game.  I  recall the excitement over my siblings and friends returning from college for the holiday.  Of course this was leaf raking season.   No lawn companies came and hauled out leaves away.  My father commanded our childish labor and we raked the leaves into huge piles by the side of  the road.   At dusk we lighted them and watchied them burn.  I still recall the the pungent smell of those leaves burning. and the excitement of being out after dark with my father.   I think we were fortunate to have these simple pleasures in our lives and to live in a community that offered such a sense of belonging.  








11/15/21 10:30 AM #149    

Gunnard Johnston

Ah, yes, November!   The great transition time, when leaves rapidly meld from brilliant gold and radiant red to burnished leather!   I would only add one memory:  on the football team getting ready for the Needham-Wellesley game wearing the same uniform and undergarments as when we started in the sweltering early September.   Needless to say, the warmth provided was not adequate in those relatively minimalist underclothes, as I witnessed the upper classmen adorned in waffle-textured long johns and gloves, launching me into a fit of envy!    laugh   Ah, the ignorance of youth.

11/23/21 08:46 AM #150    

Linda Gudas (Sayler)

Thyanks, Kevin.  Your posts down memory lane are always fun to read.!



11/24/21 12:27 PM #151    


Howie Appel

Reading all these posts do remind me of NHS buddies.  Kevin, I've been reading your posts too.  I miss New England for the fall.  I do not miss the snow.  I live outside of Orlando, Florida (yes, 45 minutes from WDW).  Far enough away from the tourists yet close enough to pretend I'm one from time to time.  Keep these posts coming.  Hoping to return next Fall to Needham area again.  Meanwhile, to all my classmates, Happy Thanksgiving. 

12/14/21 09:45 AM #152    


Kevin Tracey

Learning To Fly
Here in the frozen north we had 4-6” of fresh snow on the ground until rain and warm weather hit overnight. Next morning the snow was gone. All that was left was maybe 2” of ice covering the tennis courts where I live. I walked out on the court, carefully, and thought about skating, thought about learning to fly. The progression from the strap on quad runners, to double runners and finally real skates. Days spent at Rosemary Lake, hours at Tabor Rink. As for flying, two memories stand out. First, if it was windy enough and the wind was at your back, arms out the wind would take you across Rosemary.  Second, when kids would form a whip at Rosemary or those Friday night open skates at Tabor. If you were lucky enough to catch the end of the whip, you’d just hold on and fly, fly till the whip broke and the skaters went cascading around Rosemary or into the boards at Tabor. 
I’m sure that whips have been banned, that skating at Rosemary is now restricted to “safe” areas. No kid learns to fly now. 
We did. 

12/15/21 12:23 PM #153    


Paul King, Md (King)

Just a delayed thank you to Representative DeFazio for his many years of service.

12/16/21 06:44 PM #154    


Peter DeFazio

Thanks Paul!  36 Years - 65th longest House service in our history. I got my major objectives done within my Committee jurisdiction and it seemed like a good time. 

Now I will be able to slow down and post - Thanks Kevin f;or your reminiscences. Peter

12/17/21 08:32 AM #155    


John Halbrooks


Let me add my congratulations for your long and dedicated service to our country. I've followed your work in the NYT and often wondered at the experience it must have been to serve in Congress during these tumultuous years. A memoir? Look forward to seeing you again at a post-Covid reunion.

Enjoy retirement. 



12/18/21 04:41 PM #156    

Jane Weihe

Thank you, Peter, for being such a strong progressive voice in Congress all these years. You will be missed there!

12/19/21 01:50 PM #157    


Peter DeFazio

Jane and john:  Thanks for your kind words about my service. My District was greatly improved in redistricting from a Republican plus 2 to a democratic plus 4 so another Dem can hold the seat and there is a great experienced candidate who I will support. Peter

12/24/21 10:51 AM #158    


David Drake


I also want to add my congratulations on your great career. I also have followed your career in the papers and on your facebook videos and appreciate all the work you have done on behalf of your constituants and your country.


12/25/21 04:34 PM #159    


Peter DeFazio

Dave:  🙏🏻 It has been an interesting Lon run. 🎉🎄‼️

02/22/22 06:10 PM #160    


Russell Provost

Watching "Downfall :The Case Against Boeing" on Netflix.  US Representative Peter DeFazio featured prominently in his dogged House investigation into the 2 Boeing crashes  Congress will miss you  




02/25/22 12:31 PM #161    


Peter DeFazio

Russ:  🙏🏻  I changed the way FAA certifies aircraft so this won't happen again. But I am still pissed that the CEO left with a $63 million golden parachute he started and drove the whole thing and now the former chair of the board during the entire debacle is CEO.  The culture hasn't changed they ruined  the formerly best aerospace manufacturer in the world in the chase of the Almighty Dollar. P

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