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Update #6 · Apr 6, 2012 · comment

I had a dream last night about Wayne Lampman, a good friend and colleague on "Stem The Tide," who passed away late in 2011 from a malignant brain tumor. Wayne played our "Marcus" character in the film, which was quite a feat to accomplish as a "green" actor. (62 years old and brand new to acting). I thought today would be a nice day of remembrance for our dear friend who we miss greatly. 

Geoffrey found Wayne on the internet in early 2010 when he replied to a craigslist advert we put out looking for volunteer actors around the Cape Cod area. When he showed up to our film "boarding" house the next week for an audition, we instantly knew he would play a role in our movie. Wayne was full of life and was looking for a second chance, trying new things, as he relocated to Cape Cod from upstate New York. He made friends in a snap and was a breeze to get along with in every way possible. The salt of the earth. He started his own talk show in Falmouth called "A Look At Life With Wayne Lampman" which seemed to have become a local favourite in no time. Here is an excerpt clip of him interviewing our film team on the air:

In closing, I'd like to personally say that it was an honor to work with Wayne and become his friend for the short time that I knew him. I know for a fact that the others feel the same way I do. Here is a comment written by Geoffrey Locke and posted on Wayne's personal facebook profile in January:

"Miss you Wayne. When this movie is over I know others will have a chance to see how special you really were. We're dedicating the movie to you and your memory."

RIP Wayne.

Warm Regards,
Adam Liam McCleery



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06/02/13 10:15 AM #1    

Linda Reed (Bowman)

R.I.P. Wayne.  Wayne and I grew up in the same area of Needham, and I knew him (and his brother Teddy) for as long as I could remember!  In later years, we "found" each other again on facebook - and I enjoyed his TV show very much when he'd post links.  He was a sweet and gentle soul, and will be greatly missed.

02/20/14 06:24 PM #2    

Jeffrey Birkett

I seem to remember that it was during my junior year that somehow my path crossed with Wayne, and he became a friend.  I recall skiing with him and Jack Hooper, and with others as well as generally messing around.  He always seemed to have access to the Potter's cars and we were able to transport ourselves around.
After school, he spent time in the service and he moved around some.  Luckily, over the last several years of his life, our paths crossed again, and I was fortunate to be able to renew our old friendship. For a while back in the 90s several of us used to get together once in a while.  There was Sue Harris, Frank Brown, Wayne and Steve Hazam.  We had great fun renewing old friendships and there was great camaraderie. While he was in New York, we talked often on the phone and remembered past capers and discussed future goals.  When he moved to the cape for a period of time, Shel Cooper and I went to visit several times.  We enjoyed his openness, his wit, and his friendship greatly. 
I was truly saddened when I learned of his passing. Shel and I were in the process of planning another get together with him and I will always be sad that it did not occur.
I always considered Wayne to be friend,  and I will continue to miss him in the future.

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