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Daniel Donahue

Daniel Donahue

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04/17/15 01:33 PM #1    

Leslie Kennedy (Glynn)

Remembering Dan as quite funny at times, sometimes rather serious, and sometimes rather trying !! Escorted me to many dances(unwillingly), but came through in the end. Somehow drifted apart, but many fond memories.

04/18/15 10:43 AM #2    

James Maloney

I think Danny passed away a while ago...Great guy..played football & basketball with him...true team mate!!!

Loving nick named "STICKS" due to his skinney  legs...I too lost contact with him after high school..I think he was doing peace core type work at Native American Reservations...he is missed!

04/18/15 01:59 PM #3    

Leonard Vara

I saw Dan several years after high school in Needham heights. I do recall something about peace corps in the conversation. However at the time he was a lawyer and was back here from the Outer banks of North Carolina  I believed him to say,and said he planned on going back. He was here  because of the death of his father and was taking over the law firm business, but as soon as he could he would return to the Outer banks. I want to say that plan did not happen, because I had seen him walking around town many years after the conversation. He was an interesting person  and was sorry to hear of his death.

04/19/15 10:59 AM #4    

Charles Charlton

Dan Donahue was a fun guy to hang with. He loved basketball. A number of times I went over his house and he always wanted to play basketball - 1on1. I'm 5' 8" and Dan was 6' 3" - if you guessed I never beat him in our 1on1 games you're right. Danny also had a serious side. He quite football our senior year. When I asked him why he he said he needed to concentrate on improving his grades so he could go to college and on to law school - had to argue with that. Like others in our class I lost track of Dan after high school. When I think of Danny I think of what it was like when we grew up - playing sports with people you enjoyed being with.


04/19/15 11:57 AM #5    

Kevin Tracey


I remember that's how Mr Parmagen(sp) would pronounce Dan's name when he yelled at him in the gym. And, of course, that's what we would often call him in high school. My best memories of Dan go back to when we were kids at the Stephen Palmer. Dan was a "one trick pony" back then as all he ever wanted to do was play basketball. Didn't matter what the season, you could find Dan at the court at the Stephen Palmer, on occasion with his brother, Mark. I can remember multiple pick up games, skins and shirts. Pete Hall climbing the fence behind his house to join us, his Mom making us lemonade. When we were in high school we would "break into" the Pollard gym to play on rare occasions, lifting Gary Campagna or Eric Nickerson up to the Windows. Once inside they would open the door for the rest of us. We would play for hours. Can you imagine kids doing that today!  Dan, like so many of my childhood friends, remains forever young in my memory.

04/28/15 01:44 PM #6    

Bruce Dean

I worked with Dan's sister Ellen for many years at the Suffolk County DA's Office. One day, around 2003 as I recall, Dan stopped by to visit and I had the chance to chat with him. We had a nice conversation about growing up in Needham. He was also an attorney and had a small private law practice in Charlestown where he lived. He suddenly passed away of a heart attack in January of 2010.

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