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09/29/15 01:02 PM #110    


Russell Provost

I wasn't going to go.  I really didn't know that many of my fellow classmates. Maybe it was because I moved into  in the middle of 6th grade.   Maybe because I  was shy, always sitting in the back of the class and not having my first date until half way  through senior year.  That being said Needham High School was a positive part of my life. I made many friends along the way. 

At the reunion we talked about many things like parties, sports, girlfriends and boyfriends, teachers and more. These were an important part of our experience. However, on a serious note, for me  two events that occurred  during our years at Needham shaped the rest of my life. I rememember them like it happened  yesterday. First was the Cuban Missle  crisis.  I remember walking home one day  not knowing whether tommorow would come. Nuclear war seemed a real possibility and Needham and Boston would be ground zero. It didn't happen. Second was the assassination of Kennedy.  I am sure everyone knew extactly where they were when they got that news.  We, our friends and classmates, made  it through both of these terrible events. I believe  it made us stronger,  caring people. 

Anyways enough of the serious. Great work done by all the people who organized  this event. Great turnout. I heard many people say this would probably be the last reunion for our class. Hopefully not. I am glad I decided to go. 

09/30/15 09:40 AM #111    


Henry Digiorgio

What a fantastic time last weekend seeing old friends and classmates! Many thanks to the Reunion Committee for a super job putting together a memorable weekend for all of us.

09/30/15 01:18 PM #112    


Carol Hartshorn (Tracy)

You can never get enough thank yous, so I will add mine to the committee for a great night.  Was wonderful to catch up with classmates, see those that I thought didni't change at all (Steve Hazam, Jane Greely et al) and those it took me a minute to recognize  (Frank Brown, Paula Daniels et al) and those I did not recognize at all (Amy Biagi, Paul King et all).  It took the renuinion to meet some classmates I did not know at NHS, my neighbor Mike Riley in Walpole and a good friend of my cousin (Ken Hartshorn) Lenny Vara.  I am sure as others mentioned  that I missed catching up with some classmates. Again job well done!

09/30/15 04:03 PM #113    


Sherry Mernick

Shared history  is a magnificent thing! From elementary crayola (burnt sienna anyone?), scissors with rounded edges, and finger several special years on the hill and beyond, we shared many good times and friendships in the relatively stable, endearing neighborhoods of Needham. It was wonderful to spend an evening with lifelong friends and classmates, even if only for a few hours. Many thanks to the reunion committee for their diligent work and to the NHS '65 community of friends/extended family.

Short poem by Mary Jean Irion

Let me be aware of the treasure you are,

Let me not pass by you in search of some rare and perfect tomorrow.

Let me hold you while I may, for it will not always be so.

One day I shall raise my arms to the sky,

Or dig my fingers into the earth,

Or bury my face in my pillow,

And want more than all the world your return.


Best wishes to all, Sherry

09/30/15 04:12 PM #114    


Jeanne Mahoney (Leffers)

Thank you Sherry for the wonderful poem and sentiments.  Yes, it was a very special weekend! 

10/01/15 01:39 AM #115    

John Hazam

Even some of us who  could not make it to the  Reunion thank the Committee and all others who  helped make the website, the photos and the Reunion activities such a success.  I have been able through the website to renew contacts with classmates and to follow the Reunion events.  I too have read many of Kevin Tracy's short stories about our  school days - he has applied his talent and really captured what it was like to grow up in Needham at that time.  I would like to nominate Kevin as our NHS Class65 Scribe!  Another thought, has there been an effort through  those who registered and those who showed up, to track down any missing classmates?

10/01/15 02:04 PM #116    


David Drake

Hi John,

It is good to hear from you again.  At our Reunion Party, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Steve during dinner.  We had a great time talking about many subjects (including you).

The Reunion Committee has put a lot of effort into finding missing classmates and we have asked our classmates to also help.  The person who found the most missing classmates, by far, was Les McKechnie.  He did a fantastic job!  I have heard from several people in other classes who wanted to know how and why our list of missing classmates was so small.  It is amazing what you can find these days through the internet and social media.

10/01/15 02:11 PM #117    


David Drake

For those who receive the Needham Hometown Weekly newspaper, the October 1st edition has a brief article on our Reunion on page 21 with two pictures.

For those who don't receive the paper and/or if you want to see more pictures, go to their website at, click on Needham Photo Galleries, then Needham Events, and Reunion pictures to see the seven pictures.

10/04/15 04:35 PM #118    

Gunnard Johnston

It was nothing short of fantastic for my wife and me to attend the reunion.   I've got to confess I had some apprehension as the day drew close and even on the drive down from NH.   Although I have been back to visit Needham countless times -- even living there for a short time in 1971 -- and have brought my wife and son to my old homes, schools, and other haunts, I still had some butterflies over the last 24 hours before the event.  

But that was totally unnecessary as all we could feel upon our arrival was an overwhelming warmth and love from everybody we met.  The atmosphere was so alive, electric, filled with heart.  My wife and I met so many of my old friends, classmates, and even a few upperclassmen, like Jim Cruickshank.  My only regret was it went by so quickly and I did not have enough time to meet everyone or to spend the amount of time I wanted to spend with each person we did meet.

Major kudos are due to all who worked on this event.   I have to say that it was Jeff Feeley who first contacted me from the class about ten years ago.  Kevin Tracey and Scott Stover were soon to follow, and then John Halbrooks got in touch.   Almost roped me into "the great car transport caper".   Thanks, guys, you don't know what this has meant to me, and by extension to my family. 

Just a side note example:   my son starting writing a "short story" when he was 14 years old, nine years ago.  It eventually turned into a 161 page "novel".   Nobody told him to do it, he just felt called.   His story was based upon a similar theme as the Harry Potter and other adolescent stories, but here's the interesting part:  he wrote it as taking place in Needham.  Mind you, we were living overseas at the time, in Lithuania, and had been there since he was four and a half years old.   Before that we had lived in Manchester, NH, from the time he was born.   He had only visited Needham as a young child once or twice.   Yet somehow he had picked up a lot of particulars about Needham, including Pollard, Webster Street, and the Hill.   Guess it was from me.

Thanks again to all for making this such a great reunion. It was a very special time.  I hope we have a chance to get together again and spend more time getting re-acquainted.  Love to all.


10/10/15 11:14 AM #119    

Class Administrator

Hi all-

Jeff Feeley asked me to post this for him.. He said "

Martha, PK and I went to Mario’s before and after the [reunion] dinner. A lot of us hung out and drank there (even in HS; heaven forbid) back in the day. The current proprietor, Paul Virgilio, is Mario’s nephew. He is NHS ’92. Anyhow, we were talking about the good, old days at Mario’s and he said he thought he could dig out the menu from ’65. He shortly came back with the attached; the original menu from 1965! Amazing.

Notice the telephone number. They didn’t have area codes back them!

10/11/15 04:36 PM #120    


Carolyn Campbell (Kay)

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Love the prices. 

11/14/15 07:46 PM #121    

Gunnard Johnston

And that restaurant is a half mile from my family's first home in Needham.   25 Carter Street, off Reservoir Street, and eventually -- a few years after we arrived there -- immediately abutting Route 128/I-95.   Our family was the first family to live in this house.   Then the powers that be decided to put Route 128 across our front yard, taking out the the entire neighborhood:  many of my neighbors homes, the "haunted" house across the street as well as the great sledding hill that was behind it, and even the street used by the Boston Marathon one year ...   saw Johnny Kelly and tons of others run by and grab some water on their way.  I first learned to ice skate on New Pond and the Charles River near Echo Bridge.

With the imminent construction of 128 literally at our door step, we moved out in 1956, up to 743 Webster Street, near the town center, a few blocks from Stephen Palmer, Pollard, and the high school.   But Carter Street was our first home in Needham.    

Small world.

12/23/15 07:01 PM #122    


James Maloney


It was a great reunion!! 

So many great memories & old friends!

Thank all of you that contacted my Dad... he so touched & cannot stop talking about the many messages he received from our class of 1965...he has told me many times that this class was special in so many ways..from the "headliners" to the "grinders."

Through Mrs. Duval's (our English Teacher) husband Harry who played on the State Hockey championship team of 1955 that my Dad coached...he & Harry spent hours on the phone replaying that championship season...Dad has reconnected with NHS dispite living so far away for long.


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of you...& remember you are never more than two degrees of seperation of all things Needham!


Be safe..Be well!


Jim & Ann Marie Maloney

12/27/15 11:33 AM #123    


David Downs


I enjoyed reading your  “Magical” memories of Christmas in Needham.  Thanks

01/10/18 10:55 AM #124    

Class Administrator

Sad to hear of the passing of Mort Shea in December, 2017.  Here's a link to an obituary:


07/17/18 04:26 PM #125    

Bill Cullinane (History Teacher)



A wonderful piece filled with warm memories.




07/17/18 04:30 PM #126    


Patricia Rossi (Campion)

Thank you, Kevin. I love your stories, as do so many people. Patty

07/17/18 05:07 PM #127    


Jeanne Mahoney (Leffers)

Thank you Kevin for sharing this.  It brings me back to those  Needham summer days as a child.  Back then I could not imagine a better place and now looking back I know how blessed we were to have that life in our youth.  Though many of us have moved away I know that many or most of us carry memories such as yours in our hearts.  I had not realized your brother Dan had passed away.  Our deepest sympathy to you.  Jeanne and Jim

07/18/18 07:07 AM #128    

Linda Gudas (Sayler)

Kevin - Lee Allen would be proud....   Linda

07/18/18 06:49 PM #129    


Virginia Day (Barbera)

Kevin, I enjoyed your article very much. All of your postings bring back so many memories of the carefree days of our youth. Thank you.



07/19/18 04:33 PM #130    


Peter DeFazio

Kevin:  Thanks‼️  I haven’t thought of RedWing Bay in a very long time. Your message took me way back to times that were mostly carefree on yet another 😬🌕 in DC. Peter DeFazio

08/31/18 03:19 PM #131    


Virginia Day (Barbera)

Kevin, I just love all of your stories. I think they take us all back to our childhoods. You spark the memories for all of us of our youth. Clearly you have a much better memory than me or you had a lot more adventures. Lol        

Ted Williams, wow.

Keep the stories coming

Gin Day Barbera    




09/02/18 09:34 AM #132    

Judith Mullen (Nicoll)

Keep em coming Kev

06/18/19 12:13 PM #133    


Carolyn Campbell (Kay)

Kevin, You remind me how important childhood friendships and community are. Maryann Sedegran was my next door neighbor. When we were the age for childhood diseases, we got ‘em. Probably from each other. We rigged a string between our bedrooms and passed notes in a soup can. It entertained us for days. Fast forward 60 years to last week.  We spent more than an hour on the phone talking kids, grandkids and old age gripes and ... just everything. She’s still in the Duxbury Plymouth area and I’m in Sacramento California yet the lifelong bond is still there. Growing up, my home was less than ideal,  but my Needham friends and community were stellar. I’m grateful I got to grow up there

06/18/19 12:14 PM #134    


Patricia Rossi (Campion)

It’s a different world today. As you know, I was at Pebble Beach yesterday with my favorite golfer, my son Kevin. I have lots of Kevins in my life:  you, my son, and a brother in law that I thankfully very rarely talk to or talk about. It does get confusing. Anyway, we were there. Getting there was not remotely like being dropped off at the front gate. Pebble Beach is about 90 minutes from Kevin’s house and driving on Monterey peninsula is reminiscent of driving on rte 6 on the Cape; a highway bordered by sand and scrub pines. We arrived at 8:30 am, along with hoards of other early arrivals, at a local college campus 13 miles north of the course and boarded a line of busses for the trip to Pebble Beach. 

When we were discharged from the busses, we walked a long way down hill to the course and the first hole. It didn’t seem like a long way or down hill on the way to the course, but the return walk after all day and 18,000 steps seemed like climbing Everest. I was loathe to admit that I was struggling and said only once that I’d have to rest a moment before the next set of steps. Stubborn to the end! 

The course is gorgeous, manicured and lush. The setting, though, is the star of the show. It’s breathtaking. I’ll attach a shot of a golfer climbing down a cliff to consider whether to hit out of the hazard.  And it truly was a hazard. I wondered whether we’d hear a splash and he’d have to be rescued. 

So we walked the course and got up close to the golfers by staking out a spot right next to ropes on the 11th tee and waiting for the leaders to play through. They are truly amazing. Not only do they appear to be playing a different game, they appear to belong to a different species! And they’re bigger than they look on TV. In addition to the rumored 10 lbs that TV adds, I think it subtracts 3 or 4 inches. And no one was smoking. 

Your comment about the butts on the fairway reminded me that my husband, Jim, who was a good golfer, would throw his cigarette on the ground while he hit and then pick it up and continue smoking it. He also used his tongue in lieu of a ball washer when one wasn’t available.  I wonder whether his dementia may have been the result not only of alcohol, but also pesticides. Unknowable. 

Anyway, the day was wonderful, not only the golf but spending all day with my son, just the two of us. When we were ready to leave, though, there was no one waiting to give us a ride home. Eddie’s dad’s Cadillac, BTW, was used to give me a driving lesson back in the day when I was always the youngest and didn’t yet have my license. I was terrified that I’d damage it!  After we got off the bus back at the parking lot, the traffic backup was epic, but we eventually got home and I remembered again that it was Father’s Day. I wish you had known my Dad.  The two of you would have gotten along famously. 

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