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Bill Tilburg
David Drake*
Meg Weekes Allen*
Janet Fay MacMillan
Steve Hazam
Les McKechnie**
Doug Chamberlain*
John Halbrooks**
Scott Stover**
Susan Beers St. Pierre**
Kevin Tracey**
Patty Rossi Campion**
Rick Stark**
Dick d’Entermont**
Tommy Carloni
Janice (Whitehead)
     & Bob Mosher**
Linda Gudas
Vic Gatto**
Sherry Mernick
Peter DeFazio
Patricia Nealand Crowell
Keith Turman 
Pamela Nichols
Leslie Burkhardt Lesperance
Nancy (Murray)
     & Chuck Charlton
Paula Nardella Weaver
Jim Leffers
Michael Riley
Jeanne Mahoney Leffers
Virginia Washburn Hopcroft

Gary Campagna**
Richard Wilson
Philip Atwood
Frank Brown
Betsy Bacon***
Paula Daniels Johnston***

Leslie Kennedy Glynn
Marie d'Innocenzo Maurer
George Yered
Paul King
Amy Biagi Sherman
Ron DeBenedictis
Carol Salvaggio Beals
Donna Morse****
John Lannon
Cheryl Smith DeMello
Carolyn Briggs Peters
Stephen H. Morse****
John Gotthardt
John Chambers~
Judith Dandor
Christopher Guiry
Candy Baker Ross
Gunnard Johnston
Al Clifford~~~
Jane Greeley John
Bill Tilburg~~
Trish Robey Cruickshank
Russell Norton
Bruce Dean****
Bo Richards
Caleb Rawstron~~~~
David Downs
Judy Farmer Wales
Jane Weaver Lawrence
Arlene Cohen Patterson~~~~~
Robert Newbert
Jim Maloney
Bonnie Montgomery
Ginny O'Neill Hunt

* In memory of Bill Reynolds
** In memory of Eddie Sullivan
***In memory of Hank Garnier
****In memory of Stephen A. Morse
~In memory of Dave Sherman

~~In memory of Joan Tully
~~~In memory of Dick Coughlin
~~~~In memory of Robin Middlebrooke
~~~~~In memory of Marsha Zides


•   Sherry Kelleher (Fill)


•   George Yered  8/8
•   Howard Lowe  8/8
•   Sherry Kelleher (Fill)  8/7
•   Edward Baranosky  6/13
•   Julianne Krawiecki (Rizzo)  5/10
•   David Breslin  4/15
•   Martha Johns  4/6
•   Patricia Rossi (Campion)  3/13
•   David Briggs  2/4
•   John Kalin  1/28
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Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!

Needham High School
Class Of 1965

Welcome to the official website of the

Centennial Class of Needham High School, Class of 1965.


Thanks to the generous donations of so many from the class of 1965, we have donated a marble bench to Needham High School with the inscription: Gift from NHS Centennial Class of 1965.  The bench is located outside the Memorial Field Entrance near the Own Your Peace sculpture. (This is where we met for the NHS tour.)  It is gray marble (6' X 2'2" X 4") with a polished top.The money that was left over has been given to the Needham High School Scholarship Fund. We received a nice thank you note from the Needham Public Schools for this donation.

A list of all classmates who made donations appears in the box on the right in the order in which we received the donations.

The "In Memory" section of our website lists those classmates who have passed away.  In order to have a rose placed next to a name, someone must add a memory or other tribute for a given classmate. We encourage you to help place a rose next to each and every name on the list. Many of the donations we received were in memory of deceased classmates: Bill Reynolds, Eddie Sullivan, Hank Garnier, Dave Sherman, Stephen A. Morse, Dick Coughlin, Joan Tully, Robin Middlebrooke and Marsha Zides. 


Stephen McDaniel  8/13
Sherry Mernick  8/18
Russell Provost  8/26
Janice Brooks  8/31
Sheldon Cooper  9/4